About Us and our Cockapoos

About Carolina Cockapoos

Carolina Cockapoos is a small Cockapoo kennel dedicated to breeding only Cockapoos  !

We have now moved near Hickory, N.C. in a little town called Connelly Springs, N.C. feel free to call Barbara @ 1-704-271-3349 or Heather @ 1-828-368-4788

We breed Toy size  to small Mini size Cockapoos most are  10-12 pds @ maturity depending on the parents some may reach 13-14 pds.

puppygrowth copy About Us and our CockapoosCockapoos are a hybrid breed, a poodle mixed with a cocker spaniel. We raise only 3rd & 4th generation Cockapoos , We start with parents that are temperamentally sound, healthy and beautiful, In addition, we have all of our parents tested for Cerf which is the Eyes, Patellas which is their  rear knees  because our belief is if you start with healthy parents you end with healthy puppies.

We prefer to stay small only having about 3 or 4  litters each year so we can give them lots of attention as they are very affectionate creatures !

All of our babies are born in our bedroom and stay there until 3 weeks old and then we take them downstairs and they are in a large crate attached to a exercise area and then they start to get curious about what mom is eating and drinking – moms are great teachers !

All puppies come to you with extensive socialization skills as we have several grandchildren that love to visit our house as well as some that live with us to play with them as  this is very important especially if you have children in the home also i spend a lot of time daily playing and socializating them as we never get to old to play with puppies !

We also offer boarding for $10 per day if you can’t pick up your puppy on the designated day and this includes any vaccines or wormings if due while your puppy is in our care.

Your puppy come with  a record of their vaccines & wormings, a 1 year written health and genetic guarantee as well a spay & neuter contract and a copy of their AmericanCockapoo Registration papers.

Ms. Bitsy   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQd-vQeFEAU

 Also we have had many go on to be therapy dogs in nursing homes and schools and hospitals.

We will gladly provide you with our vets name and phone number as well as references.

About Cockapoos

Cockapoos have been around since the sixties and become popular because they are so outgoing loving intelligent sweet natured creatures and the fact that they shed very little which is great for those with allergies. The resulting personality is unique in their ability to relate to people and children. They are famous for being  affectionate open and friendly eager to please as well as easily trained they also have longevity.

About our policies

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of a puppy to a home where we don’t feel it will be properly cared for and loved. Under no circumstances will we sell to pet shops or brokers.

We no longer offer shipping -sorry.

We do not allow visitors until the puppies have had their first vaccine which is about 6 weeks old due to diseases that could be deadly to our puppies and upon advice from our vet and then by appointment only.


We also reserve the right to keep pick of the litter of any of our female puppies for future breeding purposes. 

For more information regarding any of our policies  guarantees etc., please feel free to call or e mail us.



 About Us and our Cockapoos

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