Recomendations & Supplies

First a few words of caution do not let the puppy around where other dogs do their business and places like Petsmart or puppy classes doggie parks or walks around the neighborhood  including the travel home until they have had their 3rd set of vaccines just to be extra safe and please be sure to puppy proof the house before they arrive home.

Pick up day – make your vet appointment before coming to pick up your puppy and please try to be on time also remember to bring a washrag – not towel with you to rub on the littermates and mom this will be the only thing you should put in the crate with the them until he/she has started to feel comfortable in their new surroundings then dispose of it and also if you cannot pick up your puppy on the designated day which is always a Saturday we can board your puppy for $10 per day if it works with our schedule and this includes any additional vaccines or wormings and we also only accept cash on pick up for the balance.


Your puppy will be eating and i recomend pedigree puppy food for small dogs you feed the puppy 3 times per day until 6 mos old then 2 times a day thereafter,allowing 20 minutes each feeding and then remove the food as well as the water if you want them on a schedule also if you decide to change their food mix Iams 1/2 & 1/2 with the new one for 5 days then go over to the new one and if you have a finicky eater put about a 1/2 teaspoon of chicken baby food and mix it with .

Stop all food 3 hours before bed and water 2 hours before bed then take the puppy out the last thing of the night before you go to bed.


In the morning or after a stretch in the crate pick up puppy from inside the crate and take them outside where you want them to potty and do not allow puppy to walk out of the crate or exercise pen on there own as they have a tendecy to go very fast and i also recomend that you remove nice rugs until they are trained and NEVER give them run of the house in the beginning for potty training as well as their safety,  i recomend the puppy exercise pens which can be purchased from Walmart on line they are white in color cost is about 60.00 also do remember they really want to please you so ALWAYS  pick them and praise them or give them a treat as well when they potty where they need too.

Note : If the puppy starts to walk in a circular motion or nose to the ground that might be a signal for need to go potty !


Be sure to ask your groomer on the first visit to note on the puppies index card to always pluck the hair out of the ear canals and express the anals they will know what this means and it does not cost any extra, groomers tend to want to do a poodle cut on them so ask them to do always do a  puppy cut which is the same lenght all over the body much like when you picked them up and in summer i recomend a short puppy cut to keep them cooler and winter a long puppy cut to keep warmer.

Recomended Supplies  

I recomend the Midwest Lifestages crate #1624  (only those that has the divider in them) which helps with the potty training these are easily to folded down for transporting and they will last you a lifetime and we have used this brand of crate since we started raising Cockapoos.= we no longer recomend the midwest pads.


I recommend the harness as they don’t pull against you so bad versus the collars and a  leash food and water bowls and a medium bristled brush and for the shampoo i like the Lambert Kay brand that you can get at Walmart or a Pet store as well and i use Suave conditioner after each bath to condition their coat so they do not get dry skin and for toys that you give them them make sure that to take off all loose buttons or tags are removed before giving to puppy,  for treats i recomend the small Milk bone puppy biscuits broke in 1/2, also pup peperoni and the kong toy filled with peanut butter will keep them busy for hours and helps with the teething as well now here is where you will think i am crazy but these little ones will be teething something fierce  when you get them and i use pvc fittings about 2- 3″ long and 1″ in diameter and in addition to teething on them they will roll them around and chase them  it will be the cheapest teether/toy you can buy about .50 but you usually have to go to a small hardware store to get them or maybe hubby has some in the garage you will need at least 2 as they will loose them under the furniture.

Most important them have patience with them remember that they are just a baby and will miss their siblings and both moms at first (:

Don’t forget the belly and ear rubs and that my old mom loves to see pictures of me from time to time mom says it makes her smile  !!!








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